Costa del Sol: Transition Towards Sustainability

By silversea | 4, April 2022 | Real Estate | 0 comments

The Costa del Sol area has become a sustainable place due to innovations and eco-friendly designs in infrastructures, facilities and construction of real estate.

Experts confirm a strong optimism in the Real Estate industry towards potential national and international buyers, who request sustainable Real Estate for the protection of the environment and responsibility to enjoy the protected natural areas. In addition to Real Estate products, the development of new projects is constantly rising such as new schools, hospitals, offices, hotels, entertainment venues to improve the lifestyle of people who want to come and live in the Costa del Sol.

Due to the consequences of the coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19), they have caused a notable change in the preferences and types of homes of potential or future buyers. Currently, clients demand outdoor spaces, common areas, terraces, views of the landscape, both sea and mountains, and preferably independent villas. Space and luminosity are the main characteristics previously requested to the program of visits. In other words, second homes have become first homes due to the high percentage of remote work. Even the increase in investment in Real Estate products for different purposes such as vacation rentals, resale, insured value, etc. Therefore, the Costa del Sol is in a constant process of adaptation and remodeling to attract buyers and citizens to live in a sustainable and safe place.

From Spanish legislation and customer demand in relation to sustainability, it has become an important issue to deal with in a legislative and social responsibility manner. On the part of the promoters and construction companies there is a constant boom in the use of sustainable and recycled materials for small or large works as an environmental commitment. Likewise, it is a positive factor by offering clients an innovative service with ecological certification based on the protection of the ecosystem, the influence of sustainable values, and the reduction of the energy bill and maintenance costs, establishing a clear difference with traditional works. . Real estate sustainability is the reflection of an efficient future with high quality standards.

The Costa del Sol is implementing a strategy for the well-being of the community, such as the sustainable management of materials, digital transformation and innovation, fulfilling the objective of a green city and community. Within the next few years, the area will become a pioneer in sustainable construction, extending it’s principles and values to the rest of the country and at a European level through an action plan defined by different fundamental actors from the Public Administration, experts in the Real Estate industry, private companies, associations without profit and civil society. Some of the changes suggested to meet the objectives are the balance of prices between supply and demand to reactivate Real Estate land; active management of bureaucratic processes and legalization; State incentives and aid to implement green policies and facilitate the development of technological projects to reduce environmental damage.

Definitely, Spain needs a sustainable and competitive Real Estate market for long-term economic recovery and transformation. In other words, economic growth consolidated with economic, political, social and environmental balance and responsibility. Undoubtedly, the Costa del Sol has the facilities and skills to contribute to an innovative and long-term sustainable Real Estate market due to its characteristic factors: climate, quality tourism, unique culture and gastronomy, technological development and safe infrastructure.

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