Places to buy summer houses on the Costa del Sol

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The southern coast of Spain is currently a retirement area for many foreigners from European countries such as Great Britain, Ireland, Germany or Sweden due to its good living conditions.
British, German or Dutch expatriate communities are quite frequent and it is common to find foreign-majority urbanizations all along the Costa del Sol.

  • Marbella

Marbella is a very elegant and glamorous city located on the Costa del Sol, in the south of Spain, in the region of Andalusia. Its beaches, plains, hills and streets still retain traces of the Middle Ages and with them the various cultural influences that benefited from them, such as Arabia. But it is still a modern place with clubs, cafes, spas and other entertainment centers. Living in Marbella is like living in the city of dreams.

It also has a very good education, with public and private schools to choose from. No matter which school you choose, you can be sure that the education you will receive will be the best. One of the only differences between public and private schools is that the latter have more attractive features, such as international qualifications, as is the case of Calpe School and Mayfair Academy.

  • Benalmádena

Benalmádena’s climate can be described as temperate for most of the year. Winters are warm, compared to other European countries, and temperatures do not drop below 0 degrees. Summer is very hot, temperatures in some cases can reach 40 degrees, although often the sea regulates the temperature which makes it more comfortable.

On the other hand, autumn and spring usually last quite long, and it is during these days when the most pleasant days to enjoy the streets and life are experienced. This is undoubtedly one of the great advantages of living in Benalmádena. In addition, there are many places to visit such as Tivoli World, Selwo Marina, Benalmadena Cable Car, Sealife, Buddhist Temple of Benalmadena, Pigeon Park and El Bilbil Castle.

  • Mijas

Living in this town is the dream of many people who love peace and the Mediterranean. The municipality is located about 30 km from the city of Malaga and is characterized by a typical Andalusian architecture, a differentiated environment, culture and leisure, and a mild climate throughout the year.
There are many reasons to live in this place such as, the beaches which are familiar and wide or small and rocky, thanks to which the summer days will be unbeatable.

We must also highlight the Sierra de Mijas, a perfect place for all lovers of outdoor sports. In it are located two reference facilities where you can practice horse riding and golf: El Chaparral golf course and the Costa del Sol racecourse. In addition, if one of your great passions is hiking or cycling, Mijas has several routes that allow you to climb to the peak Mijas 1,150 meters high and from which you can see stunning panoramic views of the coast and urban centers.

Mijas also offers a wide variety of places to visit such as the 4 watchtowers in the coastal area, which have stood for centuries to dominate the Mediterranean. Already in the town center, in the tower of La Cala de Mijas is located the museum of the sea and interpretation center of the towers, where it is possible to learn about the history of these ancient constructions.

It has a wide range of leisure and adapted to all audiences. In addition, the proximity of its location to other points of the Costa del Sol as Fuengirola or Marbella, makes the town has a step to any activity or event that interests you.

  • Fuengirola

Fuengirola is a perfect place to live, both for its beaches, climate, food and places to go and visit.

There is a great variety of places to eat and to have a good time with your friends and family from pubs, discos, bars and restaurants to cafes and places where you can find more tranquility.

Fuengirola has a great promenade along which you can take very quiet walks with beautiful views, as well as having easy access to the beach. The Paseo Marítimo of Fuengirola called the “Paseo Rey de España” has a length of 7 km, starting from the Sohail Castle in the westernmost part to Torreblanca in the east.

It goes without saying that Fuengirola has the longest promenade in Spain, ideal for a pleasant stroll at sunset, surrounded by palm trees, flowers and benches to rest after a long walk. Nor could not miss its small marina from where pleasure boats and yachts begin their long walks along the coast of the sun. It has a large number of beaches

  • Malaga

There are a number of advantages to living in Malaga, as has been repeated on several occasions the Mediterranean climate, which is the best in Europe, with a temperate climate that extends throughout the Mediterranean, especially in Malaga, which has the protection of the mountains creating a unique natural micro-climate that makes winters even less cold.

Malaga has landscapes that will make you dream, for its views of valleys and villages that will make us travel back in time in our imagination. Popular festivals, hiking trails, archaeological remains and much more that you can discover day by day.

It is a city with an extremely extensive historical trajectory, a fact that places it as one of the oldest cities in Europe. It is not the capital of the autonomous region, but it was four times the capital of its own kingdom, proof of how powerful it became. And some of that is still intact today, which is why it is the sixth most populated metropolis in Spain with almost 50,000 inhabitants.

The good thing about Malaga is that its rhythm never stops. This is a city to enjoy the outdoors, whose mild climate facilitates all kinds of activities and sightseeing. But its relaxation is not diminished only by the sun and the beach. Malaga more.

Although the charm of Malaga surrounds all areas of the city. You will see, once installed you will notice it in all its corners. For example, in the Historic Center Neighborhood, an area that brings together a host of charms. Its history is still evident in its streets. Because if the cities we mentioned before want to leave their mark in such a privileged place, you do not want to be less. Strolling down Marqués de Larios street, you may remember a recent past, but after all it is from the nineteenth century, being the backbone of the city, it is difficult to resist the urge to enter one of its stores. Strolling along its cobblestones is a real pastime for the people of Malaga, especially since the street has become pedestrian. Entertainment that will be part of your new routine.

And if we continue to praise the atmosphere in Malaga, we must also mention the neighborhood of Los Teatinos. This area is experiencing a remarkable growth in terms of population density, so there is currently a large number of houses under construction. Many families are settling in this area, as well as a large number of students who want to live near the university. Also near the bars in this area that have a large number.

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